Monday, October 29, 2007

Jab We Met

Oh I succumbed despite all my Saturday evening "apostate" intentions of reducing my visits to the cine-temple.
So I met this really cool female and I found myself trying my level best to "channel" just like her inner-our I find out that she is pretty nonchalant about not watching a particular release (when I usually have a such an apologetic air about me on missing a film ...For a change I didnt have to say please forgive me...dont judge me...I was having my leg amputated or something close to it, dont judge me if i sniffle if I havent watched a Friday release and its already mid-week) So I ask the house guest why she does not watch Indian cinema, frankly why not? and she replies oh we really dont watch movies, it has never occured to my husband and me to watch a film( or words to that effect) Wow!! ..later in the evening I had to confess this to someone that Shahrukh Khan might not even have washed off the grease paint from his face when I start pacing up and down in the theatre foyer or haranguing the DVD guy to get a copy as soon as possible for us.
All this while I thought I was going to detoxify my life but kiya kejiye moths to a flame or lovelorn seamen to a siren ..we are going to be there. And Jab We Met was worth falling off the wagon.

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