Saturday, January 05, 2008


I returned to Melbourne to find that Gman succumbed to the zillion hints and FINALLY our household is plus 2...householder plus kitten...Ive raised and encountered cats big and small but Ive yet to meet one with so much attitude and border-line disapproval of me...could be that she met in my post-BB depression so cannot fathom why this crazy female has been bawling ever could be that being the only Aussie citizen in a South Asian household she wants to set a pecking order...definitely that Gman has loaded her with the moniker Pesho, and a well a Pashtun nick isnt going down well with her Anglo soul...but Im glad to report that ever since Australia lost Ponting's wicket yesterday afternoon she is losing a bit of her swagger and has stopped sniping at my toes...and this morning she did make space for me on the TV couch...and doesnt glare when I shift from BBC (her fave) to Geo.

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