Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Auction Begins

Funny that the same time the bidding for the IPL started (australia is sooo happy, any second rudd is going to step out and hug symonds for going under the hammer for a mill fact as the papers keep on reminding us, everyone Aussie got picked up for their "reserve" price at least even the texter from hell Warnie)..anyways Im yes the same time the cricketers went under the hammer, a bidding of another kind started out in Pakistan...the americans really want us to "buckle down" and make friends..WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN!!

Isnt it enough that Pakistanis exhibited that they rejected the beards and voted in ANP ...even in Guns of Taliban-Neverone Swat? so why the worry that we might go our wicked ways if Musharraf and the "Choury sahebs" were to leave? Why this constant manipulation...not that Im a big fan of Maadel Town and the Wicked Widower but to see the chaudhry brothers big and small after a significant portion of the Pakistani population suspended their pessimism and frankly fear of poll violence to vote them out? when does the manipulation and buying of coalitions end? dont we have any say of who we want to be in our team?

In golkamra-land pesho continues to fuss and now I have to follow her around with cushion everywhere so she has a booster seat to look out the different windows and front door....hell hath no fury as a cat scorned.

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