Monday, February 11, 2008

The Day So Far

Australia: Didgeroos instead of Pax Britannia!! the indigenious community takes part in the official opening of the nation's new parliamentary session...and tomm. Rudd show us that at times Love does mean saying sorry...(Im pretty sure this will be lost on a generation that goes ali mc who?!!)

Pakistan: : Tariq Azizuddin, Pakistan's ambassador to Afghanistan has gone missing before he was due to cross into Afghanistan from Pakistan.

It is Gman's birthday...he will get a voucher for a spa package, that is if he gets home from work. I think its a pretty cool present if I have to say so myself.
Im working on my APD and am getting sick of the application but I dont want a repeat of giving up at the last minute like last year.
Pesho and Jake continue to bond and I dread the tears (mine!) when Jake leaves...I have to see how Pesho takes it, but we are planning on asking for 'visitation' rights so the two keep in to find a lawyer who is ready to do probono work for cats.

I dont know what the fuss is all about...not impressed by his travel luggage....TO...

I love my bro

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