Monday, February 18, 2008

I Miss Pakistan

Melbourne: or actually the ubiquitous guy in white latha shalwar..hand on heart...madam ho jaaye ga..I guess I have griped about this before... spent most of the morning nursing an ear ache and filling out visa forms in quadriplicate...the girl at the counter melted a little and told me that I could attatch some xerox copies instead of filling out certain bits...then when I was half way home was called back in to fill them out after all. Yaarrgghhh...all this while gman was on the phone updating me about pesho who had a doctor's appointment to get her shots...she has "missed" them twice already..and well in all the confusion today she started pooping in her carrier basket and wimp that he is he took her back home as he said oh she was panting so much. Sure she is...its her get out of the vet's clinic out card. anyways Ive told pesho that two out of her nine life lines is enough so she might be going tomorrow.

In the mean time Melbourne continues to swelter.

Pakistan: PML (Q) QUEUES on its way out...yeaaahhhhh.

golkamra: Im going all square eyed trying to make sense of the Geo News website...I cant stand the tindoo in the studio and his sense of humour but well the election results are music to my ears so I can channel him out. and on the tele (where there is only BBC )my girl crush on Lyse Doucet is back with a vengance.

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