Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My three worlds continue to entwine...the gentleman we are buying a house from was in the RAF and his first "base" in Asia was Karachi...his group moved to Rawalpindi after that (this is circa WWII) and they proceeded to Gujarat (as in land of Chories big and small) and Calcutta and wierd was that? he should have handed the house keys then and there to some member of my family and spared me the stamp duty.

In other news Pesho finally got her shots, I was more distressed than least she got a chew toy out of the trip and can hide under the bed. I now have to face work and managing the home front on my own for the next month.

I wonder if the House of Saud is going to extend an invite to Castro for his retirement years...the mansion might be getting pretty lonely now that our man Nawaz is back in Model Town.


  1. dont you love it when worlds converge? in my head, "its a small world after all" always starts playing, starting from "its a world of laughter...a world of tears..."

  2. hey thanks for my "surreal when worlds collide encounter" has a sound track!!


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