Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Decisions , decisions

a friendly voice from the past commented that it appears that i care more about the cat as compared to the partner...so became a bit more serious about organizing the getaway im planning for later this month...rather than ships that pass in the dark, ive decided to steer things so I can catch up with him in transit and spend a week together before I get to work and he returns to Melbourne.
so at the moment I have been emailing him ideas (he is in Geneva and "its not lost on me" that I might have spent my whole life consuming Yash Chopra and he gets to enjoy the vales before me and without me)...so THOUGH it is his home ground and he should be able to guide me, I have been trying to suggest different "packages"....it has to be around Mumbai and Kolkata (where my work takes me)...and we have to decide what/who we are on this trip:
1) Are we the chill out cool cats...than Goa it is for some cheesy Sun Sand package?
2 Are we the heady adventurers? than we could go to the sunderbans and if we are very lucky I can better the tiger poop that was all I saw earlier(circa a failed tiger search in Nepal)
3)Are we the romantic honey mooners..than we could do Darjeeling and I could buy shawls and go for treks and watch a sun rise...sounds romantic.
4) Are we the McDhekris? (dhekri is a lovely asameese word that means something like the Sheedas but slightly better driving sense)..we could do the "bengali family outing" package: there is a place called Bakkali and Digha (which from Yellow Planet sounds like a lot of places in pakistan) and there is Puri which has an interesting temple and something i would be interested in but a very polluted beach ..so we could do "religious tourism" and eat hard boiled eggs and oranges and buy rubber chappals and incense sticks.

There is another "crisis" developing...the trip coincides with Easter weekend which means all the catteries I called were booked out and cat-sitters who had earlier volunteered their duties are now travelling...good friends Sups and A-man have now stepped in but subject to a trial run this weekend as they have allergies...Pesho was sitting in my feet all saucer eyed trying to make out why her name was coming up in the phone call and a later one I had with Gman..he thinks I should save the coronary as OUR pesho is such a sweet heart anyone would be lucky to have her, unka dil jeet leygee..we are such the proud father.

So Ive been telling Pesho to boost up her resume' if she wants to do well in the trial round this weekend...she does sweet stuff, lately she has started juggling a toy mouse, but nothing to make it to video and win 10,000 dollars in Funniest Home Videos.
So wish us luck...I so want her to be safe if I am to take this trip.


  1. :) cant you do a mix? i always manage to do what i did not plan to on holidays and they turn out better that way- one would think id learn and stop planning!

    also cat related question- i have recently done up my sofas and my cat Bongus insists on using the sofas as a scartching post...advice?

  2. I think there are spray-ons which kind of deter them...what I do (which is a bit tiresome but worked out in the long run) is to have a water spray bottle and everytime she is bad to spray a little on her...or you could do the Super Nanny bit, scruff her and put her head low on the ground (so you are higher than her) and tell her Youve Been A Very Bad Cat...I know all the cat books tell you to give them something alternative to scratch...Pesho has a scratching post, but she goes like ha, who are you fooling, I want the real stuff!! and a final option is to declaw her but that is kind of sad, how you would you feel if Naddu decides that you shouldnt have nails any more as they mess up his toys.


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