Sunday, March 02, 2008

The return of fun aneela

I have decided to emulate the unpredictability of someone else and have thrown myself into having a ball this time around (rather than putting on the tight lipped "I am coping" long suffering act ...which got me fantastic pressies considering Gman got a couple of guilt trips) I decided to make the most of living in the city and tried to be friends with the old aneela...Im glad bad aneela is back, she was fun...and the behenji routine didnt suit her.

Im glad this reincarnation coincided with the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival...this afternoon they had a choc and coffee gala at the Docklands which frankly is my porn....I was a blubbering junkie by the time I caught up with Rads in the evening and now have a bad case of caffeine withdrawal symptoms but soooooo worth it. Pesho could smell the choc on me when I returned and was very ticked off. She is now sitting at the window staring at people in the street and giving me THAT look...(as in you were one of the peeps on the road right, I saw harlot while I was stuck in this room..DONT EVEN BOTHER). Anyways at the coffee thingie I saw this stall for a really cool coffee St Ali..and of course I was curious about the name...apparently St Ali is a figure from Yemen and more or less a patron saint for coffee, I said for us he is the patron saint of all things brave and courageous and we call upon him in times of crisis...I guess it was all that and now taking care of the coffee, quite a full plate..

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