Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sacred Life Day 2

When Gman and me met, well meaning friends and family members worried about other obvious differences that could pose as "forbodings" of tough times ahead. However, over the years none of them mattered as much...except ONE...Gman was a rice eater and I couldnt live without my wheat. In the early years it would pose as a comedy of errors when a concerned Gman (sympathizing about my umpteenth tummy ache) would say something like "probably its because of all the wheat you eat" or when I would make kichdi for him when he had the runs and he would say "Noooo.. we eat bread or roti for a funny stomach". Over the years we have kind of grown into each other's daily bread et rice. He makes a mean chapati (I have yet to tackle that) and I can only feel full when Ive had my plate of rice.

But still.....the man cant be a connoisseur of bread ..well not the way I am. So when he travels it is time to do my rounds of the bakeries and gorge on only bread and cheese come dinner time. So every evening I close my eyes and say a little prayer as I breathe in the aroma of the best that Vic Markets can offer.And for the rest of my evening savour what the good Lord REALLY meant all of us to eat!

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