Friday, March 07, 2008

Sacred Life-Day 3

Growing up in the land of manicured lawns and flowering pots, I would mumble excuses as my mother despaired of my never taking any interest in her " horticultural" efforts. One day as she was sighing about my shortcomings, I heard our gardener assuring her that when Aneela bibi is a Begum, everything will be OK. Well, as we all become our mothers at some stage (probably as they are only ones who show us how * grown up* is done ) I found myself pottering about with the pots as well. Perhaps because Im not quite the BEGUM (and never will be fingers crossed) therefore I didnt get the whole nine yards ...however my small courtyard is a continous reminder that I am my mother's daughter no matter how much I protest and that it all works out for our mothers at the end of the day!!

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