Monday, March 10, 2008

Sacred Life Day 6

I have never been a fan of the 'maintenance' bits of living on my own....especially when it comes to the cleaning up after myself chores. I would constantly complain about spending a better part of the weekend slogging around and Gman had designated Sundays as 'house cleaning'' afternoons with a passion-- this sob story continued until my mom exasperated by my constant grouching on a visit here decided to teach me about the beauty of disciplining one's life. Shortly afterwards Madhu Kishwar, a visitor to our centre at the uni, told us about a project she was running in Delhi and how it involved respect for the "not so pretty" chores et for a project involving street vendors she initiated a JHADU POOJA, to view the profane with respect...well Im not reaching out for the tasbeeh any time soon but the two women together have taught me to introduce a daily ritual in my life of treating my house with respect and it has paid back considerably. Every morning for fifteen minutes I clean up the courtyard and use the time to breathe in the fresh air and reflect on the day sure beats mindless breakfast TV!


  1. very interesting! Wish I could find ways to quit thinking home chores a drudgery too!

  2. i guess i was protesting all this while, due to the "unfairness" of it all. As a kid when I wanted to skip school my mom would say sure dont study, become Begum Jan (our "help")...well one day as I was scrubbing and cleaning i said to myself Ive done my Phd and Im still a Bgum Jan when will the Universe stand up to its part of the bargain?!!! but its Ok Im growing into liking the Begum Jan part of my life...its just that Gman is quite a cheerful "cook and cleaner" and his enthusiasm is irritating rather than being infectious.


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