Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sacred Life-Day 7

This was an impulse buy I have yet to regret...sometime in 2006, images of a Palestinan woman crying over olive trees bulldozed by settlers(I have been trying to search for them online, no luck...though sadly there are countless others of similar "clearing up" Israeli projects) had me running down to the store to buy an olive tree for the yard as "compensation" for the one razed... I know it doesnt make sense, but somehow there are times you feel so frustrated , so helpless that its a random act like this that puts matters into perspective. Over the past two years the olive tree has survived droughts, pest attacks and Pesho who is hell bent on digging out the roots, but it continues to occupy a spot in the corner (though many joke it is ready to be turned into toothpicks)... there are some promises of the heart that just cannot be broken.

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