Thursday, May 29, 2008

From the Dentist Chair

I defy anyone to read Seth's Two Lives and not make a trip to the dentist after yesterday morning saw me going aaaah and staring at a butterfly mobile (??)...are butterflies good chi..while the good Dr Choy probed and prodded.
Recieved a good report on my dental health which merited a phone call to my mom (now that one is at a stage of life with no report cards to forward...any good " mark" has to be bragged about)...and recieved a good " put down" to stop exaggerating any personal role regarding the state of my teeth "its all because of me and how I never gave you any chocs growing up so be grateful, OK".

Monday, May 26, 2008

Aby(s) Baby

As Ive written elsewhere though I have a " one sided" Cold War with the Big(gest) B of all (Im sure he doesnt even know I exist lest that Im taking away my "loyalties") ...khair, I should stop writing such long he quotes his father and there is much to it I should ask all of us to take as our "litany"...Im using his translation:

"Man ka ho to acchha. Man ka na ho to zyada acchha !”

If things happen according to what you wish. It is good.

If things do not happen according to what you wish. Then it is even better.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Motor Mouth

Yesterday I realised I spoke for three hours straight (Ok there was one ten minute coffee break) in the class (poor students)...perhaps when Ellen DeG goes on a break for her wedding I could fill in? I cant dance though...but I hear the chairman of CBR can...that was some video!! but did anyone see how the camera "conveniently" starts panning the audience when Mush gets up..some censors of the mind never go hmmm....personally I have no probs with him dancing, disturbing yes that he chose to piroutte to a mujra, but me thinks something stinks amighty in "the state of Denmark"...the artificiality of it all...people sitting all stiff on high backed chairs clapping to him going ballistic.. and the poor singer had to continue, wasnt she mortified that her work gets transformed to the soundtrack of a grown man doing a Reema...if we could all just let our hair down once in a while, and let EVERYONE sing and dance we would have less horrors like this.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Loved From the Beginning

There is an episode in The God of Small Things where the twins Rahel and Estha (who by now are getting pretty envious of the precocious Sophie Mol) remark on their young cousin being Loved From the Beginning (emphasis on the caps)..the term sums up so much doesnt it? Of a child being assured that s/he is loved and valued unconditionally, rather than for good grades, cute remarks, good behaviour...of being really appreciated and cherished. Of course some of us need that kind of validation when we grow up (present company no exception)...hope I remember that when Im a mom.
today's blog is to assure Ms Niece and the Three Musketeers that they have ALWAYS been numero uno in my list.

Monday, May 19, 2008

"Mean Girl"

Melbourne weather reminds you of the snooty high school matter how you dress, the rules change so you can be never "let in"...Ive had the craziest week being caught out in clothes which were SO appropriate for the Celsius reading five minutes ago

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Does One Do When You Are In A Funk?

I know I should think more "positive" more grateful for the smaller mercies of my life and not allow a certain short coming, basically a gap in my life to DEFINE me and my life... however there are days when these mental notes to myself dont quite take away the blues and I wonder whether there were some answers out there...In not talking drugs, prayer and /or rock and roll.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shillong and More

Barra Pani-somewhere along the Assam/Meghalaya border

This was an interesting "detour".. my paternal et maternal grand fathers had been in these towns on their way to Myanmar (during the Second World War) this trip was something of a cultural first, to be a "Babar" in the North East and not in battle fatigues.

Lake Ward, Shillong

Verry unflattering pic of me attacking a bhutta but just wanted to assure Shillong walo, this Babar comes in peace

Room With A View the coming days you will hear me crib and crib and then crib some more about the chaos, crummy weather and "unpredictability" of life in Mumbai, but I have to admit that there was one "saving grace"...of returning to a great place (for instance the Gateway shot above was from my night I woke up to an hour of fireworks..some said it was to greet The World cruise liner which had just docked, some said it was for a wedding at The Taj, but an hour of pyrotechnics and must be good) and even greater "help"...after decades of "nahee bibiji quarter may koee bell kee avaz nahee ayee" to someone standing up pronto when you enter a room and apologizing profusely for sitting, it was like WOW, send some Oriyas across the border. Khair, there was one boo-boo first day there I announced no eggs for me please (I hate them and Im sure Im allergic ...Gman says its all psychosomatic, anyywayss) and Gajendar-the efficient Oriya goes "oh Didi you are vegetarian, oh this is so great, living ABRAAD and still shahekaari" and Im spluttering umm actually actually , khair it did mean yummy breakfasts of upma and dosas and parathas, rather than bread AM-LET so Ok...but well when come evening and the appetizing smells and sounds from Bade Miya came whiffing in (they were in the lane behind my room), Im like oh aneela what have you next evening I had a reshmi kabab roll made, snuck it in my hand bag and went to the flat's roof to have a picnic...this was repeated over the coming days...felt like a sleazy alcoholic trying to smuggle a bottle past censorious family members...
anyways the place was lovely, am posting the "touristy shots" from the terrace, and I guess the fact that I could come back to it kept aneela in good humour...that and Bade Miya evenings.

While I was around The World came into town...its the outline behind the building and cranes, this is my camera phone yara..many a breakfast was spent staring moony eyed at it
Hoga, Aneela Shah Jehan a while ago I pined at MY Taj from the bedroom, perhaps one day I could be there looking at someone in the flat Prince of Wales Musuem...renamed as Chatrapati something.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thursday morning blues

Aneela at the wheel

so the hot water is back...the insurance guy is cleaning the sofas but there is still plaster and parts of the ceiling in my living room...I thought Pesho will revel at the prospect of having a big sand pit of her own but she has been sitting at the sidelines with this snooty expression of "the standards have really gone down" in this establishment, get a broom and pan quick.
Have any of you taken a look at the Big B's blog...circa 1980s the angry young man had something to be angry about (corruption, nepotism, dacoits, middle class angst) what is he so mad about now? TRPs...bad thinks he needs a major chill pill.
Posting some of the pics from The Great Sunderbands Escape

Sunderband Sunset

Mornings were pretty beautiful too

And then a croc came out to play

Our Ferry for the Sunderband Weekend

Sunday, May 11, 2008

no candles in the wind this...i always wondered where all our prayers go to rest...probably there is the Great Big Beyond they float towards...for the time being the nazrana chadors floating above Haji Ali provides some kind of "physical manifestation" to my hypothesis

surviving melbourne

so after surviving all that a month and a half of Mumbai life could throw at me (and some veryyy pleasant days of Calcutta and beyond... cruising down the Sunderbands..definitely have to thank Wise Woman for leading an unplanned existence at times) and getting stopped at all the police chowkies in Islamabad (some home coming) it was maddening to cope with a roof leak my first weekend in Melbourne.
Yes, it was no Myanmar and I should have some empathy ..however it was maddening to cope with Gman's sab theek ho jayega when he got back home (is this what he teaches in disaster mitigation ...remind me never to choose his camp come a cyclone) Im still struggling with plumbers on the roof and builders trampling all over the rooms in their work boots...Pesho did her Shariah "who are all these men when the man of the house is not around" nose in the air and is glowering at them from the door.

In the mean time Im going to start putting up some of the pics so I can remember a time when my life was a bit less plumber/builder invasive.

Elephanta Caves

and meditate some more have Aussie plumbers to deal with pretty soon.