Thursday, May 22, 2008

Motor Mouth

Yesterday I realised I spoke for three hours straight (Ok there was one ten minute coffee break) in the class (poor students)...perhaps when Ellen DeG goes on a break for her wedding I could fill in? I cant dance though...but I hear the chairman of CBR can...that was some video!! but did anyone see how the camera "conveniently" starts panning the audience when Mush gets up..some censors of the mind never go hmmm....personally I have no probs with him dancing, disturbing yes that he chose to piroutte to a mujra, but me thinks something stinks amighty in "the state of Denmark"...the artificiality of it all...people sitting all stiff on high backed chairs clapping to him going ballistic.. and the poor singer had to continue, wasnt she mortified that her work gets transformed to the soundtrack of a grown man doing a Reema...if we could all just let our hair down once in a while, and let EVERYONE sing and dance we would have less horrors like this.


  1. Lol:D
    P.s: The image on the top is lovely.

  2. oh thanks..its early morning in the not that great with a camera, so i guess its a combination of " a moment in time, a point in space"...early morn and a pretty beautiful spot where our steamer was in the river.


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