Thursday, May 15, 2008

Room With A View the coming days you will hear me crib and crib and then crib some more about the chaos, crummy weather and "unpredictability" of life in Mumbai, but I have to admit that there was one "saving grace"...of returning to a great place (for instance the Gateway shot above was from my night I woke up to an hour of fireworks..some said it was to greet The World cruise liner which had just docked, some said it was for a wedding at The Taj, but an hour of pyrotechnics and must be good) and even greater "help"...after decades of "nahee bibiji quarter may koee bell kee avaz nahee ayee" to someone standing up pronto when you enter a room and apologizing profusely for sitting, it was like WOW, send some Oriyas across the border. Khair, there was one boo-boo first day there I announced no eggs for me please (I hate them and Im sure Im allergic ...Gman says its all psychosomatic, anyywayss) and Gajendar-the efficient Oriya goes "oh Didi you are vegetarian, oh this is so great, living ABRAAD and still shahekaari" and Im spluttering umm actually actually , khair it did mean yummy breakfasts of upma and dosas and parathas, rather than bread AM-LET so Ok...but well when come evening and the appetizing smells and sounds from Bade Miya came whiffing in (they were in the lane behind my room), Im like oh aneela what have you next evening I had a reshmi kabab roll made, snuck it in my hand bag and went to the flat's roof to have a picnic...this was repeated over the coming days...felt like a sleazy alcoholic trying to smuggle a bottle past censorious family members...
anyways the place was lovely, am posting the "touristy shots" from the terrace, and I guess the fact that I could come back to it kept aneela in good humour...that and Bade Miya evenings.

While I was around The World came into town...its the outline behind the building and cranes, this is my camera phone yara..many a breakfast was spent staring moony eyed at it
Hoga, Aneela Shah Jehan a while ago I pined at MY Taj from the bedroom, perhaps one day I could be there looking at someone in the flat Prince of Wales Musuem...renamed as Chatrapati something.

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