Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shillong and More

Barra Pani-somewhere along the Assam/Meghalaya border

This was an interesting "detour".. my paternal et maternal grand fathers had been in these towns on their way to Myanmar (during the Second World War) this trip was something of a cultural first, to be a "Babar" in the North East and not in battle fatigues.

Lake Ward, Shillong

Verry unflattering pic of me attacking a bhutta but just wanted to assure Shillong walo, this Babar comes in peace


  1. OMG this is shillong. OG how I miss that place. Is the one with you and the bhutta at shillong peak? awwwww...nice pic and lovely memories.


  2. yup thats me...the pic is too 'angry' to be put up on the web...but its the only one with actual 'people' in it.
    Yes Shillong was really lovely...everyone should get a chance to go there before the whole town becomes concrete. My husband couldnt recognzie the town from just a couple of years, I still think it is charming.


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