Sunday, May 11, 2008

surviving melbourne

so after surviving all that a month and a half of Mumbai life could throw at me (and some veryyy pleasant days of Calcutta and beyond... cruising down the Sunderbands..definitely have to thank Wise Woman for leading an unplanned existence at times) and getting stopped at all the police chowkies in Islamabad (some home coming) it was maddening to cope with a roof leak my first weekend in Melbourne.
Yes, it was no Myanmar and I should have some empathy ..however it was maddening to cope with Gman's sab theek ho jayega when he got back home (is this what he teaches in disaster mitigation ...remind me never to choose his camp come a cyclone) Im still struggling with plumbers on the roof and builders trampling all over the rooms in their work boots...Pesho did her Shariah "who are all these men when the man of the house is not around" nose in the air and is glowering at them from the door.

In the mean time Im going to start putting up some of the pics so I can remember a time when my life was a bit less plumber/builder invasive.

Elephanta Caves

and meditate some more have Aussie plumbers to deal with pretty soon.

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