Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thursday morning blues

Aneela at the wheel

so the hot water is back...the insurance guy is cleaning the sofas but there is still plaster and parts of the ceiling in my living room...I thought Pesho will revel at the prospect of having a big sand pit of her own but she has been sitting at the sidelines with this snooty expression of "the standards have really gone down" in this establishment, get a broom and pan quick.
Have any of you taken a look at the Big B's blog...circa 1980s the angry young man had something to be angry about (corruption, nepotism, dacoits, middle class angst) what is he so mad about now? TRPs...bad thinks he needs a major chill pill.
Posting some of the pics from The Great Sunderbands Escape

Sunderband Sunset

Mornings were pretty beautiful too

And then a croc came out to play

Our Ferry for the Sunderband Weekend


  1. hi aneela,

    it's nice to catch up on your life or something like it from time to time. i wanted to let you know that i have borrowed the photo of the passengers boarding the ferry for my computer's background picture. my parents are visiting me this weekend in north carolina (usa) and we're finally relaxing after a day and a half of labor intensive work around the house (which i don't do on my own). jehan comes to visit me next month. i'll keep reading.

    your cousin ali

  2. thanks for the "fan" mail the past year I only email people for work so this blog is a good way to update friends/ borrow all the pics that you glad you liked the ferry taxi pic, its a personal fav as was interesting to see some organized " flow" in a country of such chaos...or perhaps they line up so they dont "rock the boat". the sunderband long weekend was pretty tame actually, the guides just want you to get back in one piece so they keep on feeding you so you are too lazy to get off the steamer.


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