Wednesday, June 04, 2008

ladies (plus one) night out

One of my "guilty pleasures" is being addicted to sex and the city (the series)...and sporting a massive girl crush on Ive been counting the days till this Friday when I can finally catch the film (it releases in Oz on June the 5th) so the temptation to avoid reading the plot line (and critique of) DROVE ME NUTS...earlier this week I asked girl friends if they wanted to make an evening of it...gman was pretty miffed why i never asked him as he had been a "convert" to the show for some time...Ok guys, a major reason why Mr Big's character continues to intrigue us is because he is (clich├ęd though it is) A Man's can actually smell the cigar and cologne when you conjure a mental image of him("and leather" adds sis as we dissect the character over the phone) , so why is it that even when we are swooning over the Man's Man, Im secretly chuffed that my guy is cool enough with his "feminine side" to share my guilty..and very "womanly"... pleasure with me!!!


  1. i actually really disliked each character in sex and the city- except perhaps charlotte. she was somewhat normal- carrie was so superficial i wanted to bang my head against the wall.
    nevertheless, it was an entertaining show.

    anyway- i suffered some set back with computers crashing again and again but im back.. and there will be an india blog everyday starting today-
    thanks you for all your advice about the places i should visit.

  2. clearly i meant "thank you" and not "thanks you"

  3. and the city does that to either love it or hate...ditto Carrie..I found her pretty dizzy...but I REALLY liked Miranda.
    And THANKAS YOUSE (!!) for coming back online...


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