Sunday, June 15, 2008

post script

The lovely kay from karachi suggests a Jamie Oliver cook book to resolve my kitchen woes... hmmm...well I would rather the real McCoy ...Mr my kitchen asking me soniye aaj kiya pakaye...See Im an Ok cook (have long progressed the Shan masala school of cooking) its just that Im "witless" when it comes to "planning" what to cook...anyways in her comment she also reminded me of hunter beef sandwiches...sigh... I dream of hunter beef sandwiches every night...thanks to Aus quarantine laws we cant bring in meat, dairy products et al and well our kind of hunter beef is not something that Ive found here..and I miss it sooo much.

Yes, all I crave right now is a hunk of hunter beef along with that other hunk Jamie O in my kitchen and then I will truly be heaven.

P.S: As I type this post I have BBC World on in the background (the background noise is tre important to make believe its still home home)...anyways the hapless anchor in Cooking in the Danger Zone is in China this week and in his quest to eat something reallly authentic is gorging on penis (plural form penes??) of all kind ...yak penis, goat, blurrrrggghhh...definitely not part of the Shan masala school of cooking.


  1. Jamie Oliver is ok, but if you want a real hunk in your kitchen, try James Martin of BBC food. He makes ordinary Yorkshire men look yummy

  2. well my interest in Jamie O was a bit "strategic"...he has a restaurant in Melbourne so well the object of my affection seemed approachable...James Martin is definitely Grade One eye candy material though


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