Thursday, June 12, 2008

the undomestic goddess

not that nigella lawson lies awake at night wondering whether a crazy pashtun in melbourne will be joining the pantheon any time soon...however JUST in case if the powers that be are audtioning for a slot any time soon, there a number of reasons why I dont feel my name is going to be short listed.

for OBVIOUS reasons I dont have the oomphh...sigh. even a biased Gman will agree...major Freudian slip the other day, Im admiring a top this character on TV is wearing and I was like hey I have something like that, perhaps I should forgo the vestie underneath and wear it like she does..and he goes Nahee yara, she has the b**bs for it...major awkward silence...Gman thinking to himself (Go to Jail – go directly to Jail – Do not pass Go, do not collect $200). Khair...out of the mouth of (man) babes and all.and I dont have the kitchen for in fridge has more color on it (fridge magnets, pics, cartoons) than in it (happy veggies, hot curries you know what I mean).

Anyways I bet the Nigellas of the world dont stand in front of the fridge and holler "phir aaj kiya pakaye" (so what do we cook today)..Ive taken to swiping menus from restaurant and use them as a cooking roster...of course we get stuck somewhere at Jaafrani Pulao. I dont mind cooking I just hate deciding and after all the "diversity" I bring to the dining table Gman thinks all we eat is Kadhi and Kichri....dont blame me, blame the melbourne weather...for me gloomy grey weather means pakoras in kadhi and piping hot kichri FOR THAT IS WHAT WE ATE IN PINDI...sigghhh Toto something tells me we are not in (Pindi) Kansas any more....of course Gman would rather we were eating lamb every day...yup, we are pretty much keeping the Australian livestock industy in business.
Khair, Gman had some fillings done and I had to think other than lamb to cook so we dont knock out what three hours of drilling put in...decide to jazz up the dal and make it a sambar...does Nigella tell herself when she is struggling for ingredients..What Would Quick Gun Murugun Do??
anyways tried to channel the ghosts of south indian cinema past and present...and well the result was ummm a Hybrid Dal at best in a Bhabha kind of way.
So anyways going back to the orignal idea behind this post..what does one do for the dinner type blahs...what do REAL domestic goddesses do when it comes to the AAJ Kiya Pakaye blues??


  1. i got my sister a Jamie Oliver ( that dude on BBC FOOD) book on her first birthday post marraige- she says its helps! they recipes are simple enough to follow- try more overn baked dishes for starters perhaps and then move on to the cooking on the stove bit.
    that is i am afraid all i have to offer :) im 24 and all i have to think for is myself right now and a hunter beef sandwich sounds lovely enough :P

  2. if youre a desi food fan the golden edition dalda cookbook out last year is a gem- simple stuff- but oh so good- if its not available there lemme know. ill pack one off to you...


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