Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wish Lists

Is it just me or is anyone else noticing the increasing "consumerist spirit" amongst kids today...Musketeer Numero 2 has told my mom that "though he hears it may be trifle expensive" but he wants her to get him an IPod when she returns from visiting me (yesss, Mom is going to be in town soon)...forget the "expense" involved, we are just flabbergasted what the 5 year old intends to do with the IPod!!!!

I have been witnessing IPods appearing on the wish lists of children I have been visiting this year...what surprises me is that its coming from kids who's moms I know, have grown up with, worked with, are family, good friends...I know for a fact they have the same value system as me (and yes the mom's are equally perturbed by their children's demands) Ms Niece and Musketeer Numero 1 approach me this April about how unreasonable their parents have been about not getting them their Ipods..NOT EVEN THE FAKE ONES FROM BARA MARKET, complains Musk 1..."our friends are surprised key chalo your parents cant get you the original, tau copy bhee nahee leykar dey rahey (what kind of mean cheap skates are they that they cant even get you the rip offs)"...(please bear in mind present company is 12 years and under).

I am still trying to digest this exchange when I visit my "guru" and "soul sister"...similar exchange with her 8 and 7 year old (at this stage I am actually worried about why are kids approaching me to run down their "cheap skate parents", what is the attraction here, am I giving off some Ombudsmann vibes) ...So they scream OUR MOM WONT EVEN GET US AN which I ask these kids, do you even know enough songs to put on a Mp3 and/or IPod?

Is it their peer group, something in the water...since when did the Ipod become the coolest thing in an 8 year old's back pack?

Or am I getting really really old and am totally out of it?


  1. youre totally out of it :)
    i dont even want to THINK about what nadi will ask us for!

  2. send me your email address please. have something funny to share with you- and thanks for sticking u for me in the chuney situation- i think that person was deliberately trying to misundretsand what i said to turn it into some kind of salve for her/hjis own insevure life choices.

  3. nayee yara, it was not a question of "sticking up" for anyone.. I hate negativity of any kind...and it was not that she was offering any "constructive criticism" (hence some justification) was just some childish kick from seeing one's words in cyber space.


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