Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pesho Loves Tele

You arent that bad to look at Housie

Pesho has DEFINITE likes and dislikes re: TV programs...she used to LOVE BBC (Anglophile that she is) and would hate when I would put on Geo et al on my laptop...would swipe at the screen or sit on the keyboard.
Nowadays she has taken to sitting on top of the TV everytime House is on and being the resident "Shariah" that she is swipes the screen when there is anything "immoral" for her kitten brain on the tele(yup the soul of Zia lives on as a cat now)..Thankyou Khizzy for reminding me!!!

But you I Love

Where your fur gone, woman?!!

Yup, maintain that distance

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Message from the 'Un' Dead

(aneela wants to be in her cubby hole and sleeeeppp till she is dead)

please please dont give up on me yet...i promise i will be back struggling to rescue the house from a mother who is gung ho to 'detoxify' my life...loosely translated as throwing away most of my 'treasured posessions'...listen, Im no pack rat...well I dont see Oprah with her crew and a moving van at my front door ...nor do I reckon Gman emailing Nate any time soon asking for a special program on 'save me from my hoarder wife' it has been a mad fortnight of 'lobbying' for each and every candle, cushion, Tshirt, pair of shoes...
Pesho has been hiding her chew toys and scraping and scrubbing at each bit of her fur in fear of being shown the front door.
While Gman relaxes and wishes aloud that she can stay for longer and allows him his siestas and sports channel on TV...(long story..I frown on afternoon siestas and cricket..but as Gman says he gets 'emancipated' each time my mom is in town and gives him access to the TV remote and all)
Khair, classes resumed today and I just hated hated my lecture today...I hope my students dont hold it against me...some how my heart is just not into 'classical' political economy...wish I could speed forward it to later modules when I bite my teeth into material which 'fascinates'me this stage Im just assuring them that this is just a 'crummy' trailor....picture abhee bakee hai (the 'show' yet to come)...but Im not sure if they are into Shahrukh Khanisms!!
Meanwhile, Melbourne has been taken over by the Tableeghis (Jesus Christ-Catholic) group...somehow Diocese in the City just doesnt sound very sexy to me...oh well.
Will be back soon!!
Ciao, aneela

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rejoinder Blues

So today I got back some assessment reports for this grant proposal I had sent out a while ago....there was the good, and the ugly and some well I dont know how to respond to. How do I write a rejoinder to someone who wonders whether its necessary to fear religious violence in Pakistan as the country doesnt figure as the kind of "evil Muslims" the world is worried happy the "Visit Pakistan" campaign was such a success....also whether there is any value in investing in non-violence amongst Pashtuns...ummm the torching of property and girl's schools in the North in the last week was just a "beautification campaign".
I think it is going to be a loooong month.