Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pesho Loves Tele

You arent that bad to look at Housie

Pesho has DEFINITE likes and dislikes re: TV programs...she used to LOVE BBC (Anglophile that she is) and would hate when I would put on Geo et al on my laptop...would swipe at the screen or sit on the keyboard.
Nowadays she has taken to sitting on top of the TV everytime House is on and being the resident "Shariah" that she is swipes the screen when there is anything "immoral" for her kitten brain on the tele(yup the soul of Zia lives on as a cat now)..Thankyou Khizzy for reminding me!!!

But you I Love

Where your fur gone, woman?!!

Yup, maintain that distance

1 comment:

  1. muahahaha! how totally amusing :D
    hope all is well with you aneela.. waiting for more entertaining updates from your end.. hope you rev up on your blogging mojo soon ;D


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