Monday, August 18, 2008

Postcards from the TV Couch

Ok...Mush is on has been an hour...he is reciting a long list of "achievements" (which he is taking credit for), hotel occupancy rates included!! at the rate he is going and the long net that he is casting (talk about fishing for compliments /brownie points) i am waiting for him to take credit for my getting married any minute now.

Gman had to plonk himself in front of the tele just as Mush was going to mention the golden words, tau phir may chaloo (so I guess I will go) Im groaning that I missed the end but noooo it didnt end...typical Mush, even though he resigns he takes a good 45 minutes to vacate the chair.

So he embarks on a long list of thanks...where is the cued music like they have for the Oscars to cut him short...advisors, tech staff, the army, mommie dearest, the good wife, kids...probably the ayah who washed his bum in kindy was going to be next.

Ms Niece called just then and was asking me to explain why the grown ups were so divided...hadnt he been good in the beginning, so what happened to him? which I replied quite unkindly, well servants, even if they are government servants are pretty similar, they start out good than something happens to them over you remember all your maids?

The rest of the world is pretty quiet right now...Gman was monitoring the Indian response, they have been mighty quiet as well and he was wondering why. I was like Im sure they must be shitting bricks now the Saudis have said no to opening the al- Suroor bed and breakfast for Mush and Rice ruling out a nice ranch in the States, the good men in Delhi must be wondering whether he will be requesting access to the Neher wali Kothi now.

Khair, grateful that I am at the moment for mercies big and small..I stood up to offer my two nafal shukrana for deliverance...may God be kind on us in the days sis tells me that the stock exchange was up 400 points as he spoke...but really may the days ahead bring good luck and fortune.


  1. I'd been somber all day wondering whats in store for the country.. your lighthearted perspective on the whole thing just left me grinning wide! we could really use more of you around this world to spread a little sunshine :D

  2. bus mayg, in dark times like this its only a sense of humour (macabre or not) that can see us through...but I think we Pakistanis are pretty good at this. You might be too young for the Zia years, but it was the same then, wicked humour (think Fifty Fifty) and interesting dramas (MNH et al). Jamhooriyat brings out heavy makeup and false eyelashes on tele..and tacky dancing at ex-PM's farewells!!
    You are in Dubai..prayers to the One up There must be local call charges for you, offer some for us and ours.


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