Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No to Pres Zardari

If the PPP thinks its their right to nominate him, than its our right to say NO!! we cant have two of the most important posts going to the same party, and anything that comes with an "endorsement" from Altaf Bhai should be avoided like the plague.
Feeling too depressed to write...methinks I celebrated too soon re: the developments of the last two days.

Elsewhere the population of poisonous snakes in New Mexico contemplate over the repurcussions of reports that Mush is considering making their local habitat his new home. A rep of the group believes it will go a long way into making them less of a public enemy now that there is a new contendor in town.

Yes to Julie Andrews "Song for Recent Times"...good friend Rads has posted a link on her blog and its worth a dekho

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