Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pet Peeves -part deux

Well, Im pretty bummed that no one...I repeat no one...in my immediate friends/family circle finds Obama cute...Ok I am a Late Latif when it comes to "realizing" his charms..was too busy admiring his grit and determination and plans for the years ahead I should say to my defense..but the other day I kind of "woke up" and realised what the fuss was about...the man is serious eye candy.

Ok the other "thorn in my side" are some members of the Melbourne eating establishments...*clarification* I am not cheap...I am just principled...(thus spoke Scrooge says Gman)..now I was always OK with chipping in with the corkage if we were eating with friends at a BYO even if I dont drink...but recently some establishments have gone into what can be called "glassage" that is adding $3 per head to the final bill...which is kind of mean..the good lady explained kindly it was because they have to wash glasses..as if, I found it ridiculous...so all this while you have not been washing my water or juice glass...at times the sneakiness really gets to me...like the time the caterer at our wedding recption explained some inflated charges as "oh this is for providing flowers THROUGHOUT the ceremony"..opposed to I guess whisking the flower arrangements the moment the entrées were done with....khair, so this Friday I embarassed Gman by my "minor rebellion" of dirtying as many glasses as I could...yup you will be amazed how many you can go through with two lemon limes.


    kind of inane, pompously self absorbed and just generally uninteresting - both in terms of style and content..

    you have a lovely name though...

  2. Thank God for parents with good taste then...kind of redeems my banal life, right.


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