Thursday, August 07, 2008

Post card from Golkamra Land

Moi..two minutes before class

Hmmm, so what have I been doing...well have been pretty busy as the new semester has started (cant write much about of the perils of blogging with my real name /ID..cant comment much about my work life with the "ethics" of writing about students, uni employers et al)...major grave yard shift this semester, like Thursdays Im stuck coordinating a seminar that ends at 8pm so I dont get home before 930...actually am pretty comatose other days of the work week as well ..all this accompanied by major "tut tutting" by Mom who is in town. I guess she envisioned my "teacher" avtaar along the lines of Ms Chandni in Main Hoon Na whereas Im MAJORLY channeling the government school teacher, thick shawl, sturdy shoes, soda bottle glasses on nose, shrill voice...many a time Ms Babar has stopped herself from screaming ALL YOUZE KEEP QUIET AND DO READING, hainjee as I dive into plastic basket and peel the oranges.

Anyways, I must be the last person in my friends circle to read A Case of Exploding Mangoes...had major "romantic" ideas of reading it on Aug 17th (yup a khatam of another kind on the barsee) but couldnt hold it off and would keep on sneaking passages, oh it was soooooo good...can I say "cathartic"...somehow I just felt that our generation had finally see it all put in words. Now for someone to give the current "incumbent" on the House on the Hill a crate of mangoes...isnt his birthday coming up soon?

In golkamra land the mother prepares to pack up and leave next week...major tear works (on my part)...she is of the generation where the response to everything is the STIFF UPPER LIP and we will be seeing each other in X months right.
But I did see her "bending" the rules now and then...yup, she isnt quite the Iron Lady after all. Thankyou Mama Mia! and the wonderful Meryl Streep and the memories of her singing in her seat...and yes there was the time when she was flitting from one store to another and I had to remind her how she had this strict rule for sis and me as in "Well you told me leaving home you wanted to buy stationery so we cant go to shoe shopping" and the detailed itinerary we had to give her before getting in the car and no amount of tears would let her budge EVEN IF IT WAS A SHOP RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE WE HAD PLANNED (are you reading, mom?)...anyways so I GENTLY remind her of that and more when she was dragging me from one store to another...and she calmly says "Oh that was Pindi this is Melbourne" I jump up to the opportunity "Oh so we can have separate rules for Pindi and Melbourne...brand new information...should have told me a couple of years ago" ...oh well at least I tried.

Anyways Aneela has a brand new chill pill mantra...what with being comatose courtesy work load, crazy hormones, plus rescuing tattered jeans and various articles of clothing et cushions from mom who wants to detoxify everything...(which also explains the sheer inertia about not blogging and just lurking on other people's blogs) is freaking out colleagues like anything...the other day someone runs up to me in the corridor and says "Oh so what do you feel about the current situation in Islamabad" which in the pre-chill pill days would be the well whatever it is that opens the flood gates and today it was just a brief raising of the eyebrows "hmm something has been happening na...ALRIGHT" (think Meryl Streep...Devil Wears Prada...her Thats All) and I flounce out...its driving EVERYONE crazy and Im loving it.

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