Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Psych Evaluation

Had a very interesting exchange with a student today...(it taught me not to jump to conclusions for one) anyways the student wanted to run by some ideas for a prospective research essay he is writing on designing content for children's TV and was sharing his experiences working on the Sesame Street series in he was telling me how they were using some of the material from episodes produced in NY but had to constantly edit them so that they were culturally I nod my head in understanding...well anyone who grew up in Pakistan in the '80s is well aware how the censors liberally went with the scissors even if it was children's TV...
so I ask OK so what is it that they are targeting lately, women dressed "inappropriately" , public display of affection.
And he replied Noooo, they show children drinking water from the how can we show that to Bangladeshi children, we cant have them drinking unsafe water.

SIGH!!!! oh the freedoms of living in the walk up and confidently fill a glass of drinking water from the kitchen tap. I guess when Rushdie was drawing up his list of why the rest of the world hates Northern America...the freedom to kiss, cohabit, have alternative sexualities and vote freely for one... he missed out on the Numero Uno freedom that has us stewing in the South...the freedom for little children to fill their sippie cups with water from a tap.

Elsewhere the London Financial Times quotes psych reports that have us believe that Mr Zardari is suffering from dementia, major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder .. Stephen Reich, a New York state-based psychologist, states that he found Zardari unable to remember the birthdays of his wife and children....ummm I beg to say so does half of the adult male population around the world...I guess Zardari's case is going to give a number of husbands a brand new excuse to get out of remembering the good wife's birthday and wedding anniversaries...remember when Clinton's escapades were explained as "sexual addiction" and a emotional health prob, and what that did for philanderers around the world...or anorexia nervosa being labeled as the Thing that Diana had...methinks there will be a number of husbands in Islamabad shrugging their shoulders and telling their wives "mujhey woh Zardari walee beymaree hai...Ive caught the same thing that Zardari has"...anyways jokes aside I hope the guy takes a break from active politics and recuperates before he makes us live his private hell.

And how many of you think that the Good Woman in Model Town will be telling her husband right now...shukar hai Nawazu tum bach gaye, tumhey kata wata hota (Good for you Nawazu that you were rid of him before he bit you).

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