Monday, August 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

Though I promised myself just a couple of days ago to "destress" my life and not get too worked up about the situation developing in Islamabad....I cant help doing some "remote control" monitoring of the events transpiring. Or using humour to comment on the non-happenings. But I cant help thinking of the logistics and "every day details" unfolding in the Prez's house...has Begum Saheba folded her hands on her chest and tapping her feet as I type "Tau phir may sardiyon kee peytee pack karoo kay nahee" (should I pack up the woollies or not) the Mom Mush putting on her glasses and telling the ADC to fill out her prescriptions before the gravy train stops?

On a separate note, have any of you watched Persepolis yet? Oh I was laughing and crying and then laughing some more....please please get up and go and catch it asap or start pestering the DVD wallah for a copy.

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