Thursday, August 28, 2008

Save the sheep campaign!!

Umm the poster is for a sidey New Zealand movie which was out last year...but Im wondering if King knew something we didnt.
For this week's FT reports the following about Hubby (read Zardari):

Eye witnesses report that two black bakras are slaughtered every day outside Hubby’s Isloo house to ward off the evil eye. One day last week, while he was being interviewed by a television channel, the poor bakras set up a hue and cry, as they were being dragged to the slaughter. Hubby was visibly disturbed; he interrupted the interview and told a few hangers-on who were on the scene to “sort out the mess”.

In the interest of the bakras can we put Zardari out of his misery...but the mind does boggle as in who in their right mind is going to ' nazarofy' him?
P.S: I have decided that Im going to seriously publicize the bakra kill-fest in Northern America and Australia...the Americans dont care much about the lives of ordinary Pakistanis with or without Zardari but Im pretty sure concerned animal rights groups can lobby Washington about the perils of Zardari in the Presidential House... imagine the tragedy of two bakras being killed EVER DAY as long as he is occupying the President's chair,quelle horreur !!!


  1. haha! I'm with you in the save the bakra movement!!

  2. bus MayG..qadam barhao hum tumharey saath hain!!!

  3. Hehe, poor bakras! :P But given that le' president is the luckiest sob on the planet, this whole bakra-killing business is (sadly) proving to be quite effective. Don't you think?


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