Monday, September 08, 2008

The BB Soap Opera

With trepidation we wait and watch as the next episode of the never ending soap opera plays out in Pakistan...of course if this was a soap opera, we would have BB resurfacing (apparently Prince Omar Rashid/Kabir Bedi had smuggled her to his kingdom and that was just a very well made and realistic dummy we had buried...none of the above will make sense unless you have been watching the Bold and the Beautiful..BB means more things than the Lady in the Dupatta) and her marching up to the oath taking ceremony...."Momma's Back!!!" or wait wait "When you marooned me on that god forsaken spit of land, you forgot one very important thing mate......... i'm Captain Jack Sparrow...sorry..Benazir Bhutto".

For fans of the saas bahu serials we could have her reaching out for the fake will and recent Political Plan of Action...and screaming 'naqli signature..jhoot sab jhoot (fake signature, lies all lies)...followed by Kiyani "Police ne tumhe charon taraf se gher liya hain - apne aap ko kannon ke haawale kar do". Sighhhh...I live on in hope.

Meanwhile, in Casa Flinders Street it has been all quiet and boring as Gman is away in PNG...of course Pesho is having a ball considering the disciplining influence is away so she is pigging out on unscheduled treats...this cat is VERY smart, she doesnt meow or follow you around or howl and cry and make a pest of herself...what she does is park herself in front of you every time you are having a meal or a treat (even pop corn!) and just stare at you like THAT...Case in point:

...very quiet and steady eye contact as in "You Better Hand That Over NOW'....she would do MQM and the Sena hafta (protection money) collectors proud (ummm I am getting ready to apologize to Raj Thakrey any minute now!).

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