Saturday, September 06, 2008

Haseena Atom Bomb 2008

Hmmm ' a dark haired beauty queen' political aspirant proud to carry a gun (and not afraid to use it)... is it just me or has anyone else had the same suspicions that Mussarat Shaheen has 'up and ended' somewhere in Alaska?

Meanwhile I (along with millions out there) shudder at (our version of)Lady Macbeth occupying the High House on the Hill.... I bet the staff at the Presidency will soon have visions of the First Widower walking the corridors of Aiwan-e-Sadar any time now 'out out damn spot'....oh come home Mush baby all is forgiven.Meanwhile our inboxes are innundated with what the ex-Gen, ex-Pres could be up to. My thoughts on one 'option'(any grievances to the simian community are unintended.....enjoy!!)
Mush with the four monkeys who did not make it to the PML (Q) Forward Bloc

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