Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hidden Beard

Yup, that is me...and no it is not a very bad encounter with a depilatory product...I have just realised that perhaps I go around this world with a very very thin veneer of cosmopolitanism. Major self truth time. I did think that I was a pretty cool, urbane person keeping in mind well a couple of my life choices...but sigh perhaps it is for nothing that my generation is called "Zia's children" we are sitting in the cinema, I have dragged Gman to watch Son of Lion (Sheyr Bacha)..this Pushto film just out made by Benjamin Gilmour (the executive producer is Hayat Khan Shinwari from Darra Adam Khel in Pakistan who arranged for Gilmour to shoot his 'illegal film' in the region..details on the hyper link for Gilmour's interview)...anyways it is a Pushto film (and not a heaving busom and Badar Munir in sight!) and considering the only Pushto that you hear on the silver screen or on tele lately is Mullah Omar et Baitullah Mehsud and their cohorts speaking their 'minds' so you can imagine how excited I am.

Anyways, getting back on I am watching this really sweet simple story about a little boy who just wants to go to school and well at some stage I sit up and say something (really insensitive now that I think of it) Tut Tut no young girl go can go around naked like this in Darra

Gman wakes up from sleep, Im pretty sure there is so much 'subtitle reading' he can do.. naked women, hey there are naked women in this film, where are they

and I am pointing to the screen, see Anusha going around Darra and she has no dupatta on.

I cant see his face in the dark but I know he has raised his eye brows and has that "woo woo there goes crazy Aneela" expression on his face.

Of course I give him the whole spiel of yes yes I realise I dont cover up, and how one covers their head for 'identity' or 'security' or a 'marker' or 'political expression'...and here I was trying to point out to someone not being 'culturally sensitive'...but he was like 'you think she was NAKED'.

Sighhhhh...who am I?

The movie on the other hand is sweet and simple...the audiences here found the 'candid conversations' about being Pashtun, the tricky relationship with the Pakistani state and US, and what we REALLY feel about Osama a real eye opener. Of course for us it is just usual small talk that goes around in our living rooms and chai khaanas...but walking out from the cinema I realised that it was not just Anglo Australia which learnt some home truths from the film...I found that there is an Other that is alive and kicking inside me, and I better accept and deal with that.


  1. That was lovely. So appropriate dont you think? The kicking....

  2. Kiran: oh the 'site under development' is not kicking yet (is that what you were refering to?!!) my case I just fear how 'culturally ingrained' some'perceptions' are...I come from a generation where our 'role models' burnt their dupattas in the streets in I was just flabbergasted at how 'insensitive' I can sound at times and how I fear any kids (kicking or not) should not inherit some of my 'hidden' perversions...oh well!


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