Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Lone Battler

As we reel from the events of the weekend...some where from the smouldering embers from the fire that has engulfed the city rises the image of one fighter..someone who did not give up in the face of immense I watch the lone security guard trying to douse the flames of the truck with a fire extinguisher, a smile breaks on my lips and I am overwhelmed by the strength of the human spirit....perhaps there is hope for us in times of such despair, and the unknown secuirty guard is the beacon of light that should guide us in the dark days ahead. Take a page out of his book and at least make an ATTEMPT to tackle the monsters unleashed....

I have been telling friends that there is some 'truth' to what Zardari is saying, that it is just not the US war but also Pakistan's war...but we can only build bridges ...make peace...with the restive population if we can "isolate" all other irritants...I dont know why Zardari was in such a rush to hold hands with Bush...but if he could just tell him key bhaiya thoree deyr keliye ...for a while at least..get off our butts and let us put our house in can come hunt your 'golden deer' after a couple of years, he aint going any where...kambakht drat them if they have not caught OBL in 7 years tau abhee kiya teer mareyngey....they cant do anything in the next year can they...


  1. i hope you arent one of those who actually expect zardari to DO something worthwhile-
    please assure me i do not stand alone in my cynicism of that man....

  2. nooooo....go through my blog...make me swear on anything..I am NOT a Mina and Nafisa Shah I think he is EXCELLENT at wheeling dealing and would have been good in "brokering" backroom deals (applying his kameenapan in making money to now well winning friends for the govt) but as a President he is a very DIVISIVE character..not to say with no experience...and well ethically it is not right to have the PPP holding all the important slots....for the sake of the federation and frankly goodwill I would have rather that someone (for instance Asfandyar Wali) from another province would have been on the House on the Hill...when I said there is some truth in what he said its as in there is some truth in that it is not just anti-Americanism but anti-state (as in the state of Pakistan) as well..and we better acknowledge the fact that the problem will not go away with the Americans going away...but yes the problem can be "reduced" if they can be "delinked" for a while...they should be stepping up development aid (and Zardari and his cronies keep their sticky fingers away)...for the battle in Pakistan is just not religion but that of "inequity".
    So definitely No for Z being the saviour!!


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