Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Confessions I guess Im on a major 'catharsis' mission this what other nasty self truths did I 'discover' (or was actually nudged to acknowledge...Ok Gman you can stop sermonizing) about myself...ummm for all my aspirations towards a bohemian lifestyle, save the world stop stockpiling junk passion, I REALLY REALLY like actually LOVE shopping or people shopping for me...I dont how it crept up on me and became like a full time life mission...Occupation: Academic in the morning, Shopzilla after hours.

Gman reminds me of the time he was going to (or supposed to be sent to) Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis (such a beautiful lady, and now such an unfortunate 'name connection' to a tragedy that will not go away)...and I jumped up and said WOW, Ruby bracelets, and can we get like a turquoise inlaid Buddha...perhaps for all this and more the Myanmar military junta decided to keep foreigners out, sigggghhhh, I guess they could hear my screams of joy in Yangon.

And before leaving for Papua New Guinea, I did make polite noises about the security situation, how Im sure RedCross staff have to abide by guidelines and stay within the compound and no venturing out to the markets...but come 'homecoming' I had to push away Pesho (who was also sniffing the suitcases) AAP HAMAREY LIYE KIYA LAYE (what did you get for me)....on a separate note, what exactly is the respectable interval between welcoming someone home and asking for your goodie bag?

Siggghhhh, there is nooo hope for me.

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