Saturday, September 20, 2008

Own the Nightmare

I wake up from sleep with a jolt...having had a particularly bad dream that I am covered with blood with my insides pushing out from my skin...yes it does not make for very pleasant weekend reading...I realise some hours later when I have 'woken up' to the outside world that while I pacified myself with my phantom wounds being just a bad dream , to shut my eyes and let sleep overcome me, in another part of my world my compatriots fought pain, forced their eyes open and acknowledge that their terrible nightmare was here to stay.

What does one say...well wishers forward you links to websites...and I have to struggle not to send off terse email replies...You think I dont know, that words in cyber space will give me a message that my body my soul drums in every second. Khizzy reminds me of the Yeh Hum Nahee campaign that was launched an year ago...This Is Not Us they claimed but even then a silent voice inside claimed to be heard. It is Us..There were our governments that allowed a Frankenstein to be created and now flounders as the monster morphs into a many headed Hydra that devours our compatriots...these are our brothers and sisters who hate us for what we stand for and indulge in a macabre fratricide...they claim that we are impotent in the face of Washington and allow them to prey on our villagers, but we all know that the drones on the horizon do not indulge in the niceties of permission and sovereignty...This Is Us and this is our fate to die a million deaths every day...whether in a storm of brick mortar fire set by my brother...whether in a hail of the fire breathing iron birds on the horizon...or by your own personal nightmares a thousand miles away.

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