Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pet Peeves--frankly who is counting right now

Yup, I have turned into quite a ' whinger' havent I. But then Melbourne is throwing up so much to ' complain about'...if I have said it once, I have said it a 100 times...the WEATHER. It is the Goldilocks of weather, either too hot, too cold, too windy, too shizophrenic, NEVER just right and frankly the touristy spiel of ' experiencing four seasons in one day' just doesnt do it for me...real people have to decide what to wear in the morning, do laundry without a blizzard tearing the laundyr line, and put away winter clothes....hmmmphh.

And then Blogger decides to play ' shy' so I cant post or comment on anyone on blogger...which makes for a very crabby Aneela.

And well the 'thorn in my IMMENSE back side'....workmen in the city. I thought it was just me and my hangups. But as Parul so eloquently puts it in her post ...the fate of any brave soul who volunteers to open up her home or ' project' to a 'tradie' is to be universally insulted (in more than one language I would say).

Though I doubt my tile-layer/plumber is reading this post...but who knows actually...I should be marking essays right now...but Im not right...and I dont think the house we are renovating will be ready any time this decade, so perhaps he is updating his blog as I write...so if you are...REALITY CHECK...there is no jasmine bush growing out of your behind, so every time there is a rustle in your nether regions dont be mistaken that there is...now how does Ash say it in Hum dil Dey Chukey Sanam..yes Sameer...ek thandee hawa ka jhonka (a gush of cool air)...that is your dinner I smell, yukkk.

Moving on..a number of times we are asked in life ' do you know what you really want?' Well I do, but will you LET me, Mr Tradie. I know which tiles should go where and what feature I want on the wall...so why am I in tears every week as you shrug your shoulders and wink at Gman ' Brother, I will tell you later what we will do'...and in the car ride back home Im all over Gman as in 'what is he going to do? and you like my idea right..and thats what is happening right'.
But the tile-layer has a mind of his own...the first time he stepped in he had this fiendish plan to do away with the polished floor boards (the numero one reason I fell in love with the place and wanted to buy it there and then) he wants tiles, and Im pretty sure the industrial strength hospital white kind..." Oh such a BEAUTIFUL look sister, you just have to mop from one end to another" .and Im spluttering and fuming and at any moment going to throw myself tothe floor DONT TAKE MY FLOOR BOARDS away......all he does is just shrug his shoulder and In Every house Ive been in...Standard response now, to any suggestion from me.." Ive never seen that been done before, oh well..... (meaningful silence)...of course his new ruse is to try sidling up to his Brother (Gman)..Gman is stuck to his standard monotone routine ' Brother, Im a very poor man..lets see what can be done'

And my pet peeve numero one when it comes to this guy...something that the Aussies refer to very 'cutely' as ' the builders' crack'...translated the tradies go commando..yup nothing comes between their Calvin Kleins and them as Brooke Shields said so long ago..so everytime they bend down, and well that is quite the occupational hazard, we all have to cop an eyeful...man and well the bottom line is (pardon the pun) that is one pink hairy ' where the sun dont shine' @##. For the amount of money he is charging us cant he buy a pair of undies...yaaarrgghhh. So most of my conversations are now looking at the ceiling.

Now does anyone have an encounter that can top this....

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  1. My sympathies. Your plight is significantly worse than mine and the Lord knows that I do not give up my place as Chief Whiner easy :-)


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