Thursday, September 25, 2008

Postcards from the couch

I thought the lying horizontal, feet propped up routine would go down well with me...lazy days, flicking through TV channels, grading exam papers...heads, this one passes, tails he flunks (JUST KIDDING STUDENTS!! dont go running to the University Grievances Committee just yet) and well perhaps Pesho will try to emulate a Roman slave and feed me grapes while Gman struggles with the outside world and brings home the kosher bacon.
Well that aint happening. I still have to wrestle with deadlines lying down, still try to move my ass print from couch to work to back and well the hours lying down on the couch have been hell...whether its realising how the howling wind drives me nuts, I have actually caught myself shaking my fist at the roof as the roof tiles rattle and the pipes groan "Cant you stop that"...yup Im the crazy old woman your parents warned you about, so I crawl on my knees and shout at every little leaf that rustles.

And for obvious reasons the TV has been no relief...friends tell me I have to "bubble my existence"...I do not know if that is my BP was touching the roof as I had to go through umpteen stories of the Prince of Darkness ogling Sarah "Mussart Shaheen" Palin...that stupid stupid man...and then all the insensitive comments in the press, I HATE THEM I HATE I "troll" the net, searching for something that will make me smile on someone's blog, beg friends to email me "cheery stuff" and than scold myself for the ridiculousness of my one can actually "band aid" real life..but this morning as I watched Ellen DeGenres and how she ran a list of things to cheer oneself up in today's tough scenario, it was like she was talking to me...yup I had my own Oprah moment..and she shows all these cute pics of animals kissing and babies being cute and sigghhhh how the number one pick-upper is a glass of vodka and three olives...sighhh another life, another set of rules.

So I have been "racking my brain" trying to think of something interesting I could share with everyone...and well this could be a post on the things students say...but anyways my students teach me something every day (Im not!!)

Like one taught me how one can save on xeroxing material and then lugging 10 kilos of paper across the world by just clicking pages with a digital camera, hmmm...dont know what it means for copyright rules and the ethics behind carrying it to a library but it merits a thought...some good can come out of watching Mission Impossible re-runs hmm...and I wish I had known this all these years...there is a man in Islamabad who was able to get that hip replacement for his mother, a heated swimming pool for his home and put three of his kids through school with the amount I spent on xeroxing for my research over the years.

Another taught me about why we need not worry too much about being objective when writing about the student (not mine) was asked to comment on the autobiography of a 19th century Japanese woman, and he wrote down "earlier it was difficult for me to write about someone in the 19th century but I later thought to myself well Im not a woman or Japanese either so carry on with the paper"..

But the real "gem" was offered by my good friend Rads son...I was wondering why an aunt's two children refused to accompany her on a holiday to being such a fantastic trip and all and why there were being so difficult..and the 8 year old pipes up "well Im sure they are scared that the Chinese will throw them in having a one child policy and all"...hmmm food for could be that China one day refuses to allow more than one kid to accompany a vactaioning family...what with every day Chinese going through some kind of "kid envy" ...oh well.

So such is life for me...Im still waiting for any feel good stories.


  1. there are always good stoties to be found. we just need to know where to look :)

    have a good weekend!

  2. LOL :) I have done that using of a digital camera to copy the work missed in school, while my kids were absent. That digital camera (Nikon CoolPix 3500) had an option called 'photocopy'.

  3. chandni: welcome to my living room!! yup Im searching for the Holy Grail..and your (and some other) blogs have been VERY helpful.

    IHM: Hey thanks for that...any other tips from the "mother's cabinet"?

  4. A glass of wine and three olives ! LOL. You can't be living in Islamabad, eh ? Or maybe I've got it all wrong, as I do sometimes suspect.


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