Monday, September 29, 2008


Well further to my post yesterday..I realise now it wasnt clear... I can be pretty cryptic at post was a comment on what 'being secular' or with it at best meant for Pakistanis over the if for Jinnah it was demarcating the difference between a country for Muslims (amongst other backgrounds) that maintained a secular spirit as opposed to a Muslim/Islamic nation that was a theocracy per se...and how over the years a Pakistani leader exhibited it by pointing out that even a South Asian could be "with it" and indulge in an easy banter...eventually a Musharraf thought that 'secularism' meant to pose with his dogs which could emphasize that he was NOT TO BE CONFUSED with THOSE OTHER GENERALS who WANTED to bring in ISLAMIZATION SO PLEASE PLEASE DONT FEAR ME...though I will show you eventually how regressive I am ..for one I will declare in an interview that Pakistani women like getting raped so they can get to go to Canada...alas today our leaders are reading more from "Saath Din Larkee In" and "I too can hit on Condie"...the last nail in the coffin has been the Merry Widower Prez Zardari who thought that "fear not I come in peace...for I too can be MAADERN and not a Fundo" was using pickup lines that were passé even in the 70s when he conducted his charm inoffensive in the streets of Karachi.


  1. I think Benazir admirers will dislike the merry widower even more. You are right, he was just trying to be maadern!

  2. oh the BB admirers have detested him over the years for more than the skirt-chasing...for one introducing her to the 'plots/mansions/foreign bank accounts' in Bhutto senior's time (though the family was well off) they were not in the 'flat in Knightsbridge' state of mind..BB would stay with friends of the family during her long exile...he introduced her to all that 'quick money' brings in...oh well.

  3. I dont get it, what is the big deal?

  4. Do you live in Pakistan ? I havn't yet read the rest of your blog but I am curious to know if you get hate mail?

    I loved your post, its funny, irreverent and so true.

  5. yousuf: is a matter of concern for us if those who ' speak for us' can be and disrespectful in more than one language, hmmm...and isnt it a matter of concern when we are united in our criticism (of the merry widower) with the rabid mullah down the street.
    inexplicably: umm, not on the blog as such...usually its criticism as how they find me boring (!!)...but I do get hate mail when it comes to my op/eds and for my posts at some other forums.
    Re: where I am...I 'divide' my time between Islamabad and Melbourne (and lately Mumbai)...
    Re: the olive and vodka, trust me if I was in Islamabad it would have been a much ' lethal' cocktail..and Im not talking Molotov cocktails...
    And hey, thanks for the vote of confidence!!


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