Monday, September 01, 2008

Sonar Bangla?

BBC World was screening a promo today of people 'gold panning' in the sewers of Dhaka. I had to silence the little scream inside. As it is we have to put up with the "Bengali intellectual mafia' when it comes to the academia, imagine the immense Bengali ego when they can tell us that yup three Nobel prizes and counting, and now we are shitting gold!!

Gman was pretty sure this was a 'hoax' to keep the sweepers turning up to work regularly, "Salaam Saheb, any gutters to clean?!!"

Imagine my sense of relief when the story turned out to be about the gold that gets washed away by gold need to have any 'bowel envy' guys.


  1. shitting gold

    That was hilarious .. loved it

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