Wednesday, October 01, 2008

And this is How I Welcome the 'Festive' Season

Ok...October promises to be a 'jhakaas' month fingers crossed (yes one of the perils of being on an on-off bed rest means EXTENDED youtube time so lately it has been an overdose of Sajid Superstars..I tremble with trepidation re: the upcoming technicians strike and probably the loooong TV-less days).

Eid this week...we are all either fasting or feasting to death...and yeaahh the Durga Puja weekend coming up which is one day in the Melbourne calendar where you can bring out the inner Chandramukhi/Paro and no one judges you...and then there is Pesho's birthday (yup, Im THAT kind of cat mommie) is the same day as Nephew/Musketeer Numero 3' its a double festivity, both brothers celebrating their 'first-born' I say, hee hee.

And yes the month starts with the anni. which was not that bad either.

And then spring is settling what if it means the Melbourne gales are back and there is a nip in the air.. one can smell the fresh flowers, hear the crackle of a million hay fever tab packs being unwrapped, the songs of birds and the hiss of inhalers being drawn in....happy happy days are here.

Ok, so October 1 (Eid day) dawned with a Pesho nudging and nibbling me gently 4am...tres difficult to explain to the cat that the sehri gravy train has stopped and no one is getting up to prepare the morning meal and slip her some she mewoed in indignation and I dived under the comforter to grab some shut eye.

The day was good..ever since the arrival of the pelvic support belt I thought it was bye bye salwar kamiz and helloooo saris to hide the bulge, but (and for this I will remove the hex from a tailor back home) the tent he had sewn me on my last trip and for which my mother had to drag me nails scratching along the floor does camouflage the granny belt nicely, double with the requisite bling it was off to the annual dinner where you meet all the aunties who greet you and say 'we have met earlier havent we' and you mumble 'yes right here an year ago'...and kisses in the air...'we MUST catch up'...'yeah sure, same place next year...miltey hain break kay baad' .

Gman didnt have any good reports from the other side of the divide as an elderly Bengali guy quizzed him about this new 'fatwa call centre' and what he thought of what good Muslims should do when it comes to the direction of prayers, timing of et al considering they have discovered ice on Mars (and probably THAT means mass migration for all Bangladeshis)....sigh I dont know how he does it, he was so diplomatic..I would have wrestled the guy to the ground and told him to GET REAL. But the food was EXCELLENT and my goodie bag topped even that...for this I turn up each year (and also that the hostess is a sweet heart)...problematic geriatrics be overlooked.

Gman did take the day off yesterday as he had on the anni and both days we pottered around our home and the place we are renovating ...I wonder what the 'dewy eyed aneela' from a decade ago would have made of me now..married (now that was never part of the plan) and 'romantic love' a couple of years after marriage ..but as I watched Gman struggling in the courtyard with pesky weeds and flower pots as he knew how much it meant to me to have a 'shiny new' house for the festive season...I realised that there is more than one way to celebrate the anniversaries of the heart if spring cleaning is the new champagne and roses, well let me get high on that!!

Have a great week everyone and may it be all flowers and fizz for you too!!!!!



  2. yes thoree load shedding chal rahee hai...I guess the energy crisis has hit all of us. Let me see if I can turn the back up support on...let there be light!!!

  3. LOL @ milte hain break ke baad:)
    And I have always been comfortable with such celebrations of anniversaries...a happy day together.


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