Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aneela's Wish List

The list does change (for obvious reasons) over time. For quite some time I wanted the ‘previously only seen in films/TV dramas’ disease. You know the kind where the kindly doctor steps out of your room and whispers to your family. May ney injection laga diya hai,abhi mareez so rahee hai. Inko bahut araam ke zaroorat hai. Inko khush rakhney kee koshish karey. Sighhh, this would be a useful bug to contract when you have a really bad report card that needs to be signed by your mother.

What I am hoping for in recent times is:

1) Some kind of repository that itemizes all objects like bills, important documents, conversations that I have had with Gman, so he never says things like ‘Nooo, you never gave your tax statement to me’(bling...Oct 9, 9am Ms Babar handed it over to you over breakfast) and ‘No, you always imagine giving me your mobile bill to file’(buzz...ghalat jawab) and ‘You absolutely didn’t tell me that I had to drop off Pesho at the vet’(paaaamp... the repository plays back that conversation)

2) Strobe lights, blaring alarms every time Pesho tries taking a dump in my precious pansies (rather than her litter tray) and has the audacity to ‘deny’ it when confronted with the evidence.

Who me, in the pansies? It was you sleep walking I swear.

3) An instant tattoo for Gman every time he does something on the list of ‘not to dos’...oh I so sympathize with the group of wastrels who tattooed a young Vijay in Deewar. ‘This man did not put the toilet seat down’ permanently branded on his forearm will ‘ink in’ the message very well, will it not?

Anything else you want to add to that?


  1. I'll take one of the repository and the tattoo please... ;-)

  2. let me know when you find the repository, i'll pay for delivery and even tip :)

  3. hey..first time here..
    me too wants the repository thing... more for myself than to catch others red handed !!!

  4. :-) And you thought MY list was akin to asking for world peace!

  5. I've read your posts, and a friday-after-mad-week is suddenly more bearable.


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