Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coming Soon to a Police Chowky Quite Near You

In the docket: Qaidi number 302
After hearing me grumble about Pesho literally 'tearing' into me after a fruitless day (for her) of fly hunting (it is cloudy outside so ne'er a fly or bug on the horizon), Gman very sympathetically said "Yeh scratches...yeh tau domestic abuse hai'. Yes we have to very clearly spell out to our cat that she cannot pounce on me every time she is bored and wants someone to 'rough-house' with.
"(To) Violence against women--Australia Says No".


  1. ohhh your Pesho looks scared.

  2. Just Call Me A: Yup she is Cosmo's "Fun, Fearless, Female" personified..very soon she will be giving me lessons to express "the inner bitch" and give it back to the evil world.

  3. LOL My Cat also needs to be told violence against humans is not on :)


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