Friday, October 10, 2008

Got sweets?

Sad sad day for thullas every where. I am horrified to hear that in Islamabad a police guard actually led a bomber to his target. He was told by the young man that he had some mithai (sweets) to deliver to the police centre. Of all the....
For the love of a laddoo a kingdom was lost, sigh.

In Bangalore, police men and women were caught napping with their mouths agape on camera...yup that was one power(less) nap on my TV screen during the cricket. Heads lolling, one with cotton wool stuffed in his ears (all the better to hear the prowler creeping up on you), some slumped on the seats in front of them. Feels good that our (in)security is in such good hands in recent times.

And in Melbourne, if you report a license plate being stolen (personal experience) you are assured by the guy behind the counter, that if this is the EXTENT of one's losses living in the city, to count myself lucky. Sighhh. Gman and his friend who reported a stolen trailer were told the English equivalent of "yeh tau roz ka mamool hai" as in take a chill pill these things happen.

But I think the laddoo lusting guard is a winner, hands down. What do you think?

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