Friday, October 31, 2008

Guest Post

I have been deputed to write about the events of the past couple of days for the resident blogger is stressed with the end of semester details and the prospect of marking exams et essays looming on the horizon.
So it has been a crazy couple of days at Casa Flinders Street..the hyper female has been running around like a headless chook trying to meet deadlines and giving seminars, the other adult is parked in front of the TV watching cricket and dodging verbal missiles from the hyper female.

The other day was the Festival of Lights, which meant that he had to field calls from her all afternoon as she instructed him about Project Beautify Home...she was nervous that he would get the guests to vacuum and put out the food. But it was a good evening for them with friends over, yummy food and yummier gossip. I had my four paws full trying to save the lights and candles from two kids who I thought were eyeing them a wee bit too keenly. So it was parking myself in front of the candelabra or running out to the courtyard and blocking their moves.
Whew, Im sure I ran out of one of my nine are some pics that catalogue all the effort I put in.
Well goodbye sweeties,Im going into hibernation to get over the craziness of the week, hope you have a fantastic new year!! And as they say in the catworld BEFORE STARDUST STOLE IT FROM US..From one cool cat to another, meowww till next time!!


  1. Meowww you wrote a good post, made me smile in amusement mixed with admiration :) Lovely pictures, glad you protected the festive decor :) Love your pink little hideout, I think my cat will love it too, tried to get him to reply but he is catnapping as usual. Meeeow :>)

  2. Meeeow, love your litte den! happy napping :)
    till next time


  3. LOvely home, lovelier guest author...


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