Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Inquisition

No one expects The Spanish Inquisition claimed Monty Python some years ago, but if you are South Asian every one expects and braces themselves mentally for The Great Auntie Inquisition. Mina had her list up and well quite like her when I started composing my comment I realised that it deserved a post of its own.

So it is the same (give or take a question or two) for 'desis in diaspora' starts with

Who do you live with (My cat I reply)..
Quite unfazed they continue
Family hai?

Are you a Perm Resident?

Why havent you taken up citizenship yet haw haiii? (Major shock hand on chest,in a manner Lahori aunties should patent)

Mummy milney aatee hai, when did your Mother In Law last visit(Actually no they are all in the detention centre)

Do you know Mr Chaudhry? WHY NOT? they are from the same city as you? (umm because my family didnt explore my being a daakiya postie as a potential job option)

No one told us that you were planning on starting a family? (Sorry, I so wanted to sms you when Project Conception started, but I was out of mobile credit)

Where will the cat sleep? (Yes, somehow everyone wants to know our sleeping arrangements for some reason)

Did you watch the latest episode of Aus Idol? WHY NOT?

Why do you want to go home now? How come you have a headache? Kafee healthy tau ho...emphasis on the healthy, as in arent we quite chubby. You dont like all this dieting shieting business like other women na.
Bitchiness is an auntie in heels.


  1. LLLOL :)I love the bit about their being in the detention centre :)
    ...and no dieting shieting hm?
    This was hilarious!

  2. hahaha aneeelaaa the mr. chaudhry thing is SO trueeeee!!!! somehow just because you're from the same town/city doesn't mean you know EVERYONE who moved :P same with my university- 'so do you know my niece's friend X?' you know what year she's in? what major? 'no.' then HOW am i supposed to know some random X on a campus with several thousand people on it?!!?! graah

    hehe..'kuch kar to nahien rahi ho na' hahaha


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