Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom-Part Deux

So...tonight's the night eh..Palin takes on Biden...husan aur jazbat ka haseen kashmakash...a beautiful play on beauty versus grave emotions..(if they were ever to make a movie on them in our part of the world)..actually why this disclaimer. I have been very candid all these years that everything I have learnt in life was probably scripted in a movie studio out in Mumbai..long before I could go through Focault 'nature vs nurture' I had been lapping up Raj Kapoor et Awara 'Shareefon ki aulaad hamesha shareef aur chor daakuon ki aulaad hamesha chor daaku hote hain." (Good progeny for the genteel, thieves robbers only beget thieves robbers).

So if this was a Bollywood would I envision the scene...lemme think. A beautiful headstrong young woman (GARGEOUS, bellows Zardari behind me) takes on an 'established' senior gentleman who rose from an impoverished background to a distinguished station in life. Wellll, it could be played by a Hema Malini (McCain is quite a doting star mother as he coaches a petulant 'heroine' to mug her lines for the performance of her lifetime..'chal Rani parh ley liney' Cmon Princess you can memorize those dialogues) While the Punjab (sorry an Irish from Penn) da puttar Dharmendra strides on the stage "Sarah tera naam kiya hai Sarah".

All with the Jhoom Barabar theme song playing in the background

Happy watching!!!

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