Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Notes to Self

* God will NOT (hopefully) hold you to any promises made that you will name your first-born Amit Mishra (irrespective of gender)if he manages to get that next wicket.
* After the never ending silly grin on face while watching the latest Obama video-phone in on the Ellen DeG show (and him challenging McCain re: his dancing prowess) I guess I could do a Zardari as well (You are GAARGEOUS, can I hug you?).
And that it will be border-line incestous to go along with the plan of naming said first-born Barack as well.
* News of Palin's wardrobe budget (or lack of any budget)-it is USD $150,000 and counting at a time when the US economy is frankly not doing so well-should shut up anyone passing rude comments on whether I should be spending money on catfood when there are people starving on the streets.


  1. I spend on cat food too. And I think passing rude comments on this is like saying India should not have sent Chandryaan (not been folowing it, too busy following the Raj Thakre saga)to the moon, until every hungry child was fed on Earth.

  2. you know that was the FIRST thing I thought of when they brought up Palin's wardrobe bill...and I guess I forgot when I was blogging!! Like I was pretty irritated by BBC wallahs who showed two minutes of the 'moon probe countdown' and then promptly shifted to slums in Delhi.. yes its a fact of life but cant a nation aspire for more? the space travel vs resolving matters more earthly debate has always been there, why just target India yara? and as it is it is a pretty cheap bill(wink wink) compared to what others spent on their moon missions....see all that years of haggling does come to some use.

  3. a cat's gotta eat when a cat's gotta eat :)

  4. Hi, got to yr blog thru another..
    And yes, absolutely true about the cats feeding.

    In fact, probably dont the animals have a greater right over the earth's (limited) resources - they have not been the ones messing it up.

    Ofcourse, now that is something similar to the developed nations working out their master plan to limit the emissions by developing countries (but conveniently forget to look at it from a per-capita basis - obviously, a Western life is more valuable than a third-world one). But I digress.

    No worries, God will probably let go (if She exists). But, if you do do the naming as intended, your child would surely not!!

    Nice post.


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