Thursday, October 09, 2008

Quriks can tell a tale on you

The first mangoes of the season are could be a sign of my FINALLY reconciling to Australia life that I bought them and quite enjoyed them (as compared to other years when I would wrinkle my nose and declare that THEY cannot be real mangoes as they do not have any desi sun on them). Khair mangoes have never been an obsession for me--peaches, nectarines, papayas yes.

However being away from home I have started craving for fruits, food stuff that were never high on my list and start screaming like a little girl when I find something which gets it right. Qeema samosas like the Aga Khani make them. So in recent weeks Ive been gorging on pomegranate, the other day I was excited to find dried figs and pine nuts (chalghozey) in a Turkish food store...memories of kindly old batmen bringing gifts from their hometowns in Gilgit come flooding back.

I broke into the packet in the car home and as I was shoving the figs down my throat like there was no tomorrow, Gman commented on how I like food stuff with a little grit in it (case in point figs, pomegranate, sprinkling shaved almonds on rice, pine nuts and walnuts in salads and on halva)

and Im nodding "Wow you notice so much about me" ** Hallmark moment, sigghhh, he knows me so well**

Ruined by his next observation "I guess that is the same reason you never wash the spinach and dal, you want me to savour the grit in THAT too right?" DRAT.

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  1. Hey aneela, thanks for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment. Well, about this post, don't bother.. men just know how to spoil a moment! And I read your Bolly obsession.. and immediately thought that here's a soul sistah!! :) And yeah seriously, what's with mumbai and dress sizes.. that city is really promoting anorexia and all those dirty things I am miles away from :D


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